About BA in One Year :

MCM Academy Offer BA in One ba-in-one-yearYear Course from UGC DEB MHRD Approved University to those students who have discontinued there BA Course. Bachelor of Arts, called as BA is the Course for those students who are belong to humanity group or have specified language course. BA course is normally for those students who are working in Private or Govt. Sector. and want to complete the Course along with there job.
There are majority of Students who have not completed there graduation course & looking for complete it in one sitting. Students have many Options to complete the BA One Year Course. If a Student has completed 1 Year then he can apply 2 Year and 3 Year Exams simultaneously by Credit Transfer Program mode.
We offer this BA in One year Program by UGC Approved University via credit transfer mode, Now this is the good news for the Students, Private & Semi Govt Employee and Its also the golden chance for those students who have discontinued  or failed during their graduation Exams.  Golden chance for those who have discontinued or failed during their Graduation can now complete their BA in One Year which help in getting promotion & Employment and continuation in further studies.

Specialization of BA One Year Course:

  • BA Hindi One Year
  • BA English One Year
  • BA History One Year
  • BA Geography One Year
  • BA Political Science One Year
  • BA Social Science One Year

Students from all over the Globe can apply for this BA One Year Course. As Students need to apply for One Time Exam only.

Advantages of B.A. in One Year:

* We present this course by UGC DEB MHRD Approved University.
* Student/Candidates will get east syllabus with low and Online Study material.
* Student wills 100% Results agreed all Embassies and HRD with Strong Placement Cell

Need of BA Degree in One Year :

1. Its help those Candidates who discontinued their studies after 12th and Not getting time to regular study college.
2.  Students can do BA Degree in One Year who have failed in 1st Year, 2nd year or 3rd year and save their complete year.

3. Candidates can also go for migration from a UGC recognized University through Lateral Entry System.

4. Students who get Government job at an early age can also complete one year degree Program and get BA in One year without hampering their job much.

Frequently Ask Questions :-

How Can one get instant Degree to complete BA in One Year in Delhi:-

Example: – A candidates who requirements to complete his BA in one year and has passed 12th Class in year 2010 and currently wants to continue again from a recognized University, He/she can complete his/her BA in one year by enrolling in the particular course or field chosen by the candidate / students through Lateral Entry
 Applicants have to give all three years exam this year to get immediate Degree of BA in One Year whatever the course would be.

Admission Helpline No : +91 8882301351

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