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Competency Based Credit Transfer (CBCT):

Students who has successfully completed 1 or 2 Year of Graduation and discontinued the course due to any reason. And also have work experience in similar field. These Students/candidates can apply for Competency bases credit Transfer mode system and complete their course in fast track Exam mode.

The CBCT students/candidates need to amass in all Practical and theory Examinations in system to finish the base two years credits Transfer purposes of that specific program. Student requires paying complete course expenses, Competency Based Credit Transfer charges and some different expenses charges of university. On account of Graduation and Post Graduation quick track mode, a candidate require to give all in the first place, second and third years examination in one sitting and can passed his/her graduation in fast track mode.

List of Postgraduates Degree in One Year Courses :

The above stated circumstances are not only for Graduation. One can also do his/her Post Graduation in one goes. The candidate/student who has successfully completed two years of work experience after graduation in relevant field or have completed any professional certification from an institution are appropriate for competency based credit transfer.

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