About M.Tech Degree in One Year :

Master of Technology is Post M-Tech-Degree-in-One-Year Graduate Degree Program for those candidates who are looking for profession in Research Technology. Doing M.Tech Degree after B.Tech gives sufficient time to students to get profound technical knowledge of course subject and have more control on it. Degree in One Year is a post graduate degree course that engineers can choose for. It gives an extension of an engineering graduate and offers them with a prospect for practical accomplishment of engineering Course. Normally, if a Students/Candidates have a good knowledge of technical subjects and requirements to improve his skills in the field of Engineering or technology. This M.Tech Degree in One Year for those students who are discontinued there M.Tech Course.

Benefits of M.Tech degree in Fast Track :

  • One of the major benefits of a degree in Technology is that multiple job avenues open-up for Candidates.
  • Doing M.Tech in One Year Degree after B.Tech gives enough time to get broad technical knowledge of the content and have more control over it.
  • Every organization, be it the operation, sales, human resource require Technical Graduates to handle the Technical side of the work.
  • This is because they form a wide part of the educated & skilled workforce of any country.
  • M.Tech Degree in fast track mode enhances your professional qualifications & created up a strong social industrial network by which you can able to get on top.
  • Candidates gets the numerous opportunity to move into managerial jobs after gaining experience in the technical stream.

Enrollment Eligibility of M.Tech One Sitting Degree :

Students/Candidates must have B.Tech Degree along with discontinuation proof of M.Tech from any Approved University.

 Area of Specialization of M.Tech in One Year :
♦ B.Tech in Agriculture ♦ B.Tech in Automobile
♦ B.Tech in Biomedical ♦ B.Tech in Computer Science (CS)
♦ B.Tech in Chemical Engineering ♦ B.Tech in Civil Engineering
♦ B.Tech in Ceramic Engineering ♦ B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
♦ B.Tech in Energy Engineering ♦ B.Tech in Environmental Engineering
♦ B.Tech in Industrial Engineering ♦ B.Tech in Marine Engineering
♦ B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering ♦ B.Tech in Micro Electronics Engineering
♦ B.Tech in Nuclear Engineering ♦ B.Tech in Physics Engineering
♦ B.Tech in Telecommunication Engineering ♦ B.Tech in Textile Engineering
Need of M.Tech Degree Fast Mode :

M.Tech Degree Fast Track Mode are the programs which makes a aspirant job permitted after doing it, here are many candidates who did not get a good job after having sound work experience as well. so, it’s a nice chance to all working professional and candidates to complete the course in one sitting. University offer this fast track course option via credit transfer mode.

Frequently Ask Questions :

How I Can get M.Tech degree in One Year through Fast track degree mode :
Example: – A candidate who wants to complete his / her M.Tech in one year and passed B.Tech in year 2009 and now wants to continue from recognized University and through Lateral Entry he can complete his M.Tech  in one year.
Students have to give all four years exam this year to get instant Degree of B.Tech in one year whatever the specialization would be.

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